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Fate In Our Hands

In the morning, we were sitting at the table, talking about the band. Mrs. Buso over heard us. and asked us if we wanted to play at Battle of the Bands this year. IT was post poned to December 3rd. We all agreed that it should be done. In Tonkin's class, I talked to him about playing. He said that if one more band didn't join, there would be no Battle of the Bands this year. I told him we would decide by monday. From the moment I left his room, the fate of the McClancy Battle of the Bands was in our hands. We had to have 3 to 4 songs of our own down in a month and a half. Worst of all, I have to sing them live on stage.

After school, we failed in getting to use the music room to practice so, we hung out at Burger King. Andrew came over and we watched flash cartoons and shit. He left at 7. I went out and walked around aimlessly again. I stopped and sat down on some steps. I took out my book and pen....and I wrote a song about Kat. It started pouring so, I put everything away and left. I met Matt, Scotty, and Erica around my corner and we talked about stuff. I went home at 10:30.
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