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A Seat Better Off Empty

English with Mrs. DeMarco. What a waste of what could have been a good sophomore class. I sit there on 1st floor room 100 or something every day sixth period, working my ass off. And for what? The good of preserving British Literature? I'm sorry, that's not my job. In the words of Gionelli, "If we didn't kick the British's asses, we'd all be sippin' tea and talkin' like O'Riordan." In my opinion, English 2 is just an Advanced Common Cold class. And if you think about it, Advanced Common is an oxymoron. And no, I did not learn that this year, I learned it in 8th grade.

Today, she did her usual routine. Copy your aim. Go over vocabulary. Copy your homework. Well, actually, I wouldn't mind copying anyone's homework. As long as I don't have to do anything. When she was just going to do the vocabulary, she said, "Let's hope we have a good game tomorrow night with those Yankees, yes sir." I had a sudden urge for disobedience. I wouldn't even consider it that. "I LIKE THE METS!" I blurted out. That class was laughing and looking at one of the only people who would call out in her class, me. She was pissed.

The rest of the day was fine. We had another test in Tonkin's class. I think I got an 88 on this one. Yea, that's a pretty good prediction. Health was boring as always.

When I got home, I beat Tony Hawk's Underground 2 with Story Mode Normal 100% and Classic Mode but not 100%. I later went out to Best Buy. I had a decision of Beast Wars Season 3 or Samurai Jack Season 1. I bought Samurai Jack Season 1. That's right bitches. Tomorrow, I'm picking up the HIM cd I've been waiting for them to release in America for so god damned long, Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights. I can't wait until Love Metal comes out. I also want their greatest hits, And Love Said No.

Shit. Fuck.
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