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Our Only Hope

I went out at about 3 and met Maria, Melissa, and Ashley. I saw "The Forgotten" with them. It was a pretty good movie. During the movie, my brother called me...

"I didn't know you were in the Battle of the Bands. Right now, I'm the only one that can help you."

After the movie, I walked with them down Steinway until Maria's mom picked them up. Then, I went to St. Joe's and then Sean's house. I watched the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I went home at 11. My brother sat me down and talked to me again.

Chris: Sit.
Me: Ok.
Chris: Are you sure you wanna do this
Me: Yes, how did you find out.
Chris: I have my sources.
Me: Pizolo!
Chris: Yup. Now, I can help you. You're gonna make this good and do it, or don't do it cause you'd suck.

A new hope. This should be fun....
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