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After Effects

I hung out with Erica at about 6 at the arcade thingy. When we were walking back home, she asked what was wrong. I went the the text message that first gave the sign that it was over. I handed my phone to Erica and said, "Perhaps this would explain a little bit."

Erica: Oh my god... Are you okay?
Me: ::shakes head no::
Erica: ::hugs Brian::

We decided to go to St. Joe's. We got there at about 7:30. Erica gave me like the biggest hug in the world. She obviously felt really bad for me. I began to cry.

Erica: You really liked her...
Me: ::shakes head yes::
Erica: Did you love her?
Me: Of course I did. I still do.... And I will never be the same.

I cried for about a half hour. I walked Erica home, still crying. She told that I will feel better. I said, "I highly doubt that." and walked away, now crying heavier. I walked around mindlessly for an hour and a half.

I guess you don't realize how much someone TRULY means to you until they're gone. If this is how I feel about her, then....

Why did things go wrong?
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Hey Brian, it's Laura, Karina, and Grace. Even though you refused to be my one-legged apostle and carry me water from the desert, we really hope you feel better. I promise you you will move on, even if it'll take some time. No matter what, things will get better in time, even if you don't believe it right now.
I'm not just saying this. There is no possibility that I am getting over Kat. Don't even try to convince me.