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Escape From Them

After school, I got the real Sum 41 - Chuck from Matt M. and put it on my iPod. Then, Me, Sean, and Joe went to hang out with Erica, Nat, and Kira. Joe left before we all began to walk to the 38th park. Me and Erica secretly escaped on the way there to another little park until someone noticed we were gone. We even skipped the park and went to Racks and sat down.

As more and more people came, I grew more distant. The group was Sean, Erica, Nat, Kira, Samantha, Ruban, George, JewBoy, John, Elijah, Dominic, Timmy, Tatiana, and Melanie. The only people I said bye to were George and Melanie. Everyone else was too busy. Sean skated home and I walked with Erica. I kept tormenting her that she wouldn't be home on time to watch One Tree Hill. Also, on Astoria Boulevard, we almost got hit by a speeding car.

What fun.
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