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Studio Session

I woke up at 12. I met Kat and Karina on Steinway and brought them to my house. We then went to 44th Street to meet Sean, Matt, and Scotty. We were going to our first band practice. Unfortunately, Matt M., our drummer, didn't come. We went to Sound Works. Finally, Sean and Matt came with the bass and guitar. We got in the actual place at 4 and played until about 6:45. It was okay for our first meet. The only song we really played together was Green Day's "Hitchin' A Ride." Kat was on guitar, Scott was on bass, Sean on drums, and Me and Matt were vocals. It came out pretty good.

The time came. We left. I walked with Kat and Karina to my block. I kissed Kat goodbye and walked down my block. I played Tony Hawk Underground 2 until 10.
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